Private Cloud Hosting

Our managed private cloud hosting offers you dedicated resources to create your own VPS’s on-demand with easy scalability.


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From   £ 149.95 / month

You choose the specs!
Customizable Private Cloud Hosting starting from £149.95/month.

Our Managed Private Cloud Hosting solutions are entirely custom for your resource needs and budgetary requirements.

Servers are located in a ISO27001-certified highly-redundant Midlands datacentre with 24/7 on-site staff presence.

Cutting-edge and high density? AMD EPYC GENOA can provide up to 84 Cores or 168 Threads per physical server. 

Super-high single-core performance? AMD Ryzen 9 7000 is undoubtedly the way to go.

Need something a little more budget-friendly? We can provide EPYC ROME, MILAN or INTEL XEON SCALABLE servers too.

Whether you just want a single server to launch your Virtual Servers from or have the requirement for multi-server solutions with automatic failover, we’ve got options to suit you.

All services include on-demand DDoS Mitigation. On-demand means your traffic is only re-routed for mitigation (scrubbing!) if an attack is detected.

We can also provide always-on protection where your traffic benefits from instant mitigation in the event of an attack.

We have options starting from 1Gbit/s network capacity, all the way to 80Gbit/s per server.

As part of the management included, we monitor the platform health and availability with guaranteed 15-minute response time to any issues 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Already have your own IP addresses or ASN? Perfect, we can announce them out at no additional cost.

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