About us

Who are AllHost?

We are a web hosting provider with a simple goal of providing high performance and reliable web hosting services at a user-friendly price point.

We have been publicly providing hosting since June 2020 under the AllHost name however have been providing private white-labelled hosting solutions since 2014 for third-party companies.

We do not, and will never, outsource our customer support to third-party companies. You will always deal with a familiar name at AllHost. We’re not here to squeeze as much money as we can by overloading and vastly overselling our servers – we keep performance at the heart of our focus.

Midlands Datacentre Specs

Dual HV Feeds

Two diverse incoming 11kV high-voltage feeds from the power grid, backed by 3 Diesel Generators providing 4MW 2N+1 Backup Power to the server datahalls.

Triple UPS Systems

Not one, not two, but three battery-backed UPS systems, eliminating the worry during routine maintenance on one UPS - as there's still two other systems running!

Fire Suppression

Inert gas suppression is the safe way to extinguish a fire by steadily filling the room within 60 seconds of fire detection, preventing destruction caused by sudden high pressure.

Diverse Network

The datacentre is connected with multiple 100Gb/s links to London and Manchester. Switches are connected to diverse aggregation switches with redundant routing.

Always Cold

The datahalls benefit from redundant cooling systems with hot/cold aisle containment to ensure no hot air makes its way back to the cold supply of the server racks.

London Datacentre Specs

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