High-Frequency Ryzen VPS Hosting

Experience ultra high performance with our premium high frequency AMD Ryzen VPS Hosting, powered by the latest-gen AMD Ryzen™ 9 7900 CPUs and NVMe 4.0 Storage.

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We also offer AMD EPYC VPS plans, check them out here!

One month Free when prepaying annually!

Our AMD Ryzen VPS Plans



NVMe Storage

Premium Bandwidth


1 vCore




£3.99 / mo

1 vCore




£4.69 / mo

2 vCore




£8.99 / mo

4 vCore




£13.99 / mo

6 vCore




£20.99 / mo

8 vCore




£29.99 / mo

12 vCore




£42.99 / mo

14 vCore




£58.99 / mo

Need custom specs? Reach out for a personal quote.

Technical Information

AMD Ryzen™ 9 7900 CPU [Up to 5.4GHz]

DDR5 ECC RAM & NVMe Storage

ISO-27001 Midlands, UK Datacentre

Free Windows Server OS 60-Day Evaluation

20+ Easy-Install Linux OS Templates

Included Features

1x Snapshot Point with Scheduling

Self-managed virtual servers

On-Demand Corero™ DDoS Protection

VirtFusion Control Panel Access

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Optional Add-ons

Truly Unmetered Bandwidth

From £60 / month per 1Gbps

Custom CPU/RAM/Storage

£ Price on Request

In-line Always-On DDoS Protection

From £30 / month

Additional IPv4 Addresses

From £3 / month

Windows Server OS Licences

From £15 / month

cPanel, Imunify360, LiteSpeed Licences

From £10 / month

Every Ryzen VPS Benefits From:

Solid Networking

Our primary upstream has over 2 Terabit of external connectivity, including direction connection to all major UK ISPs and European service providers.

DDoS Protection

Our VPS services benefit from best-effort Corero DDoS mitigation at no additional cost, providing up to 2Tb/s of protection. On-premise ensures fast detection and minimal latency variation during mitigation.

Free Snapshot

Safeguard your data from disasters and accidents with a schedulable snapshot, allowing you to restore your entire VPS account from the previous day.

99.99 Uptime Guarantee

We’re so confident in the service we provide that we provide 99.99% uptime guarantee and will issue you with service credits if we fall below that expectation (excludes planned maintenance). 

Instant Deployment

Providing your payment goes through successfully and your order isn’t flagged for fraud, your VPS will be up and running within minutes of being ordered.

VirtFusion Panel

We utilize VirtFusion as our VPS management software, which means you get direct access to the control panel with a wealth of management features over your own VPS.

an image of a ryzen cpu

Fully Enterprise-Grade Hardware.

Unlike most competitors offering AMD Ryzen VPS, we strictly use enterprise-grade Supermicro hardware in our servers, sourced from reputable well-known suppliers.

Our servers are outfitted with redundant power supplies and network connections to diverse switches, minimizing the risk of downtime. 

Moreover, we incorporate ECC RAM to detect and correct data corruption on-the-fly, ensuring reliable uptime and seamless operations for our clients.

Full Control Over Your Cloud Servers.

Centralized Server Management

Remain in full control of your own Ryzen VPS with the simple yet feature-rich VirtFusion control panel. With a clean & elegant customer area, all your servers are easy to find and simple  to manage.

Rapid OS Installations

With a range of Linux OS templates available, installations are typically completed under 60 seconds. You can also install using your own custom ISO if you wish. Windows Server 2019 + 2022 Evaluation Templates are available!

Over 20+ Instant Set-up Operating System Templates Available!

Our VPS control panel includes the latest versions of the popular Linux flavours and Windows Server too.
Rest assured that if we don’t have what you’re looking for, then you also have the ability to upload your own custom ISO for manual installation. 

Your Hosting Queries Answered.

We understand that choosing the right VPS provider is a crucial decision for your online presence. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of common questions asked.

Can I send bulk mail? Is Port 25 open?

Port 25 is blocked and will only be lifted on services with more than 3 months prepayment on accounts with good standing. Our services must not be used for bulk or unsolicited mail purposes.

If you must send mail from your VPS then we suggest you use a third-party relay.

What support is included?

We only provide technical support for issues related to the VPS platform itself or network issues that are outside of the control of your VPS. We do not offer management on Linux VPS or Windows VPS however we do offer Managed cPanel VPS services.

Please note our usual hours of support are between 0900 and 2100 UTC.

Except for critical infrastructure or network issues affecting multiple services, support requests outside of these hours may receive delayed responses.

Where are the servers located?

Our Cloud VPS Hosting services are located within the Midlands, UK. 

The datacentre is built to an extremely-high standard with ISO 27001 certification.

What DDoS Protection is included?

Our services benefit from DDoS protection using the latest Corero Edge Threat Defence mitigation solutions.

DDoS Protection is provided on a best-effort basis.

Advanced DDoS mitigation is available for an additional cost.

What are the fair-usage rules?

CPU is considered a shared resource and as a result we do not tolerate resource abuse. If you utilize 100% of your allocated CPU resources for the majority of the month then you will be asked to upgrade to the next tier.

Is Windows OS Available?

Yes, we provide installation templates for Windows Server OS with a 60-day evaluation activation.

You will need to activate Windows before the 60-day evaluation expiry otherwise your VPS will shutdown automatically.

We can provide licences for an additional cost, subject to amount of cores assigned to the VPS.

What is the uptime guarantee or money-back policy?

We provide a 99.99% Uptime guarantee. If your VPS goes down as a result of a platform or network issue then you’ll be provided with service credits. Downtime incurred by Planned Maintenance is excluded from this policy. 

Our VPS services are eligible for a 72-hour money-back promise. If you’re unhappy for any reason and contact us within 72 hours of ordering then we’ll refund you without hassle.

Our VPS services are excluded from our general 30-day refund policy listed for our shared web hosting services.

Can I change my VPS IP address? Are any countries or services blocked?

For reasons often outside of our control, we do not guarantee that your IP addresses will be able to access (or will not be blocked from) any specific country, website or network. 

As we are a service provider hosted on a datacentre network, you can expect access to popular TV streaming platforms to be blocked. No refunds are applicable if access to a specific service later becomes blocked.

IP Address changes may be processed with a minimum fee of £5.00 per request. If you require a new IP address then in some cases it may be more cost-effective for you to order a new VPS and cancel the existing one.

We do not provide services that can be accessed in the Turkmenistan region.

Do you support nested virtualization?

Due to platform issues, we do not support nested virtualization. This means you will not be able to create virtual machines within your VPS.

What happens after my bandwidth quota is reached?

If you reach your monthly bandwidth quota, the network speed of your VPS will be automatically limited to 1Mbit/s.

You can contact our support to upgrade your bandwidth quota to remove the speed limit.